09/25/18   Community Records  Complilation “Vol. 6” Community Records
09/25/18   Doug Hammer “Celtique” Dreamworld Productions
09/25/18   Erik Deutsch “Falling Flowers” Lo Hi Records
09/25/18   William Elliott Whitmore “Kilonova” Bloodshot
09/25/18   Kathy Mattea “Pretty Bird” Captain Potato Records
09/25/18   Chris Cardwell “Burning Heart” Lotuspool Records
09/25/18   Sarah Mendelsohn “If” Self-Released
09/25/18   Sarah Borges & The Broken Singles “Love’s Middle Name” Blue Corn Music
09/25/18   Hilary Scott “Don’t Call Me Angel” Belltown Records
09/25/18   The Goon Sax “We’re Not Talking” Wichita Recordings
09/25/18   Mandy Barnett “Strange Conversation” Dome Productions
09/25/18   The String Cheese Incident “Sound Lab – Radio EP” SCI Fidelity Records
09/25/18   Adam Hood “Somewhere in Between” Southern Songs
09/25/18   Will Hoge “My American Dream” Edlo Records
09/25/18   The Black Lillies “Stranger to Me” North Knox Records
09/25/18   Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band “Poor Until Payday” Family Owned Records
09/25/18   Hymn For Her “Pop-N-Downers” Self-Released
09/25/18   The Misty Mountain String Band “Kentucky Bound” Self-Released
09/25/18   Jon Brooks “No One Travels Alone” Borealis Records
09/25/18   Stephen Winston “Unresolved” Self-Released
09/25/18   Edward David Anderson “Chasing Butterflies” Black Dirt Records
09/25/18   Loretta Lynn “Wouldn’t It Be Great” Self-Released
09/25/18   John Hiatt “The Eclipse Sessions” New West Records
09/11/18   Someone You Can XRay “Hot ‘N Fresh” Self-Released
09/11/18    Capital Punishment “Roadkill” Captured Tracks Records
09/11/18    Skeggs “My Own Mess” Self-Released
09/11/18    Stryker Brothers “Burn Band” Scriptorium
09/11/18    Oliver James “Swimming Horses-Singles”
09/11/18    The Furcoats “Milkdromeda” Johanns Face Records
08/28/18   Devotchka “This Night Falls Forever” Concord Records
08/28/18   Tom Beaulieu “5 songs from The Song Circle Dog” Self-Released
08/28/18   The Lark and the Loon “Homestead Hands” Self-Released
08/28/18   Shannen Moser “I’ll Sing” Lame-O
08/28/18    Carolina Story “Lay your head Down” Black River Americana
08/28/18   Drift Mouth “Little Patch of Sky” Wild Frontier
08/28/18   Murder by Death “The Other Shore” Bloodshot Records
08/14/18      Richard Thompson “13 Rivers” New West Records
08/14/18      Aaron Lee Tasjan “Karma For Cheap” New West Records
08/14/18      Grant Peeples & The Peeples Republik “Settling Scores” Vol.II” Self-Released
08/14/18      Mike Farris “Silver & Stone” Compass Records
08/14/18      Lyman Ellerman “I Wish I Was A Train” Woodshed Resistance Records
08/14/18      Mark Donham & Friends “Takin’ It Day by Day” Self-Released
08/14/18      Ruby Rose Fox “Salt” Self-Released
08/14/18      Shooter Jennings “Shooter” Elektra
08/14/18      Cordovas “That Santa Fe Channel”  ATO
08/14/18      Wild Rivers “Eighty-Eight” Self-Released
08/14/18      The Devil Makes Three “Chains are Broken” New West Records
08/14/18      Kimia Penton “Where the Rain Falls” Self-Released
08/14/18      Last Dance “Claiming the Sky”  Self-Released
08/14/18      Allan Thomas “Two Sides to Every Story” Black Bamboo Recordings
08/14/18      New Reveille “The Keep” Loud & Proud Records
08/14/18      Mercy “Ava J” Shady Oaks self-Released
08/07/18      Lucero “Among the Ghosts” Liberty & Lament
07/31/18      Ahi “In Our Time” 22nd Sentry
07/31/18      Love Cannon “Cover Story” Organic Records
07/31/18      Cris Cuddy “Dream On” Vanishing Castle Recordings
07/31/18      Indigo Girls “Live with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra” Rounder Records
07/31/18      Cliff Westfall “Baby you Win” Self-Released
07/31/18      Nichole Wagner “and the sky caught fire” Star Catcher Music
07/31/18      Umphrey’s McGee “Summer Camp Music Fest ’18” Hanging Brains Music
07/31/18      Maya Benten “Place that Lasts” Self-Released
07/31/18      The Record Company “All of this Life” Concord Records
07/31/18      Tom Smith “Shades of the Moon” Lone Oak Pub
07/31/18      Daphne Lee Martin “Sacred Fearless”Pleasure Loves Company
07/31/18      Dale Head and the MindWinder Orchestra “Swing on the Rocks” MindWinder Records
07/31/18      Mikaela Davis “Delivery” Rounder Records
07/31/18      Paul Avgerinos “Mindfulness” Round Sky Records
07/31/18      Tawl Paul “When the Blues Come Knockin'” Kent McDaniel
07/31/18      Amanda Shires “To the Sunset” Silver Knife Records
07/31/18      Israel Nash “Lifted” Desert Folklore Music
07/31/18      Mountain Heart “Soul Searching”  Compass Records
07/31/18      Rayland Baxter “Wide Awake” ATO
07/31/18      Punch Brothers “All Ashore” Nonesuch
07/31/18      Vinyl Williams “Opal” RPUT
07/31/18      The War and Treaty “Healing Tide” Strong World Entertainment
07/31/18      Lori McKenna “The Tree” CN Records
07/31/18      Slightly Stoopid “Everyday Life, Everyday People” Stoopid Records
07/31/18      Rodney Crowell “Acoustic Classics” RC1 Records
07/31/18      Henley Douglas RnB “Vital Signs 2:Amore’s Prayer” SOSS Records
07/31/18      Harmony and Brad, Self-released
07/31/18      Sheila Nicholls “all of Nature” Essex Girl Music
07/31/18      Mike Freund “…and now you know”  Self-Released
07/31/18      Don Crouse “Face to Face”  Lampco Records
07/31/18      Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis “Wild! Wild! Wild!” Bloodshot
06/30/18     Compilation “Trash Party Vol. 1”  Dirty Water Records
06/30/18     Nuke the Soup “deeper” Meteor Records
06/30/18     Barbara Cassidy Band “Ford Hill Road” Suspicious Motives Records
06/30/18     Bumpin Uglies “Beast from the East” Space Duck Records
06/30/18     David Haerle “Garden of Edendale” Edendale Records
06/30/18     Two of a Kind “Lead With Love” Magillacutty Music
06/30/18     Rick Lang “The Undertow” Self-Released
06/30/18     Winston 1 “Hammered Dulcimer” Cursor Club
06/30/18      Whetzel “Slow Waves” Olin Place
06/30/18      Diana Chittester “Paradox”  Fighting Chance
06/11/18     Who is John Smith “Palm Wine Instrumentals” Self-Released
06/11/18     Aine Minogue “Eve” Little Miller Records
06/11/18     Tami Neilson “Sassafrass!” Neilson Records
06/11/18     Carolina Story “Lay Your Head Down” Black River Americana
06/11/18     New Music Detroit “Smoke:Music of Marc Mellits” Innova
06/11/18     Michael Johnathon “Mousie HiWay” PoetMan Records
06/11/18     Esther Lamneck “Tarogato Constructions” Innova
06/11/18     Songs for Snakes “Crystal Vapour Figure” Timid Crusher
06/11/18      Various “Johnny Cash – The music forever words” Sony
06/11/18     James Scott Bullard “Full-Tilt Boogie” Big Mavis Music
06/11/18     Joshua Hedley “Mr. Jukebox” Third Man Records
06/11/18     Paul Cauthen “Have Mercy EP” Lightning Rod Records
06/11/18     Duo Damiana “Castillos De Viento” Innova
06/11/18     Kate Callahan “Triumph” Kindred Roots
06/11/18     Ah Young Hong “A Breath Upwards” Innova
05/21/18     Johnny Irion “Driving Friend” Blackwing Music
05/21/18     American Aquarium “Things Change” New West Records
05/21/18     Brent Cobb “Providence Canyon” Low Country Sound/Elektra
05/21/18     Michael Johnathon “Moon Fire – The Banjo Album” PoetMan Records
05/21/18     Jack Ballenge Morris “West Virginia Refugee” Self-Released
05/21/18     Coco O’Connor “This Ole War” Self-Released
5/07/18     Jesse Dayton “The Outsider” Blue Elan Records
5/07/18     Kelly Willis “Back Being Blue” Thirty Tigers
5/07/18     Neil Young + Promise of the Real “Paradox” Reprise
5/07/18     Reggie Harris “Ready to Go” Self-Released
5/07/18     Joe Rollin Porter “Take This Hammer” Self-Released
5/07/18     Rod Abernethy “The Man I’m Supposed To Be” Songs From Downstairs Records
5/07/18     Lake Street Dive “Free Yourself Up” Self-Released
5/07/18     Jason Boland & The Stragglers “Hard Times are Relative” Proud Souls Entertainment
5/07/18     Flowers of Evil “Witch Out” Black Monk Sound Records
5/08/18     Kelven “Ghosts of the Mole Hole” The Trouble Is Reckrds
5/08/18     Parker Millsap “Other Arrangements” Okra Homa Records
5/08/18    Joe Goldmark “Blue Steel” Lo-Ball Records
5/08/18     Sam Lewis “Loversity” Loversity Records
5/08/18     Reg Bloor “Sensory Deprivation Chamber” Self-Released
5/08/18     Willie Nelson “Last Man Standing” Sony Music
5/08/18     David Gerald “N2U” David Gerald Enterprises
5/08/18     The National Reserve “Motel La Grange” Ramseur Records
5/08/18     Jenny Van West “Happiness To Burn” Self-Released
5/08/18     Hot Cub Sandwich  “No Pressure” Self-Released
5/08/18     Erin O’Dowd “Old Town” Horton Records
5/08/18     Luke Winslow -King “Blue Mesa” Bloodshot Records
5/08/18     Airmen of Note “The Jazz Heritage Series Vol.1” EMI
4/10/18      Marcia Ball “Shine Bright” Alligator Records/
4/10/18     John Prine “The Tree of Forgiveness” Oh Boy Records
4/10/18     The John Colianni Sextet “I Never Knew” Patuxent Music
4/10/18     Kacey Musgraves “Golden Hour” MCA
4/10/18     Charley Crockett “Lonesome as a Shadow” Son of Davy
4/10/18     The Young Novelists “In the City & Country” Ontario Arts Council
4/10/18     Dead Horses “My Mother The Moon” Self-Released
4/10/18     Steven Kroon “In Your Dreams” Kroonatune
4/10/18     Sarah Shook & The Disarmers “Years” Bloodshot
4/10/18     Blackberry Smoke “Find A Light” 3 Legged Records
4/10/18     Bay Station “Other Desert Cities” Self-Released
4/10/18     Jamie Skylar “Marmalade” Prophet Records
4/10/18     Bob Rea “Southbound” Shiny Dime Records
4/10/18     Mary Chapin Carpenter “Sometimes Just the Sky” Lambent Light Records
4/10/18     Sophia Subbayya Yastek “Histories” Innova
4/10/18     Kenneth Meyer “Draw the Strings Tight” Innova
4/10/18     Hey Anna “Garage Queen – Single” Self-Released
3/25/18     Rawb Middleton “The Cure for Tired Blood” Pandermonkey Records
3/25/18    Erin McDougald “Outside the Soiree`” Miles High Records
3/25/18     Great Peacock “Gran Pavo Real” Back 40 Music
3/25/18    Anderson East “Encore” Low Country Sound
3/25/18    Dan Masterson “When Beauty Calls” Self-Released
3/25/18    Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats “Tearing at the Seams” Stax
3/25/18    The JLDJ “What Was The Question (I Forgot)” Self-Released
3/25/18    JDI Classics “Gospel Music For All Occasions” JDI Records
3/25/18    The Crossing, Conductor- Donald Nally “If there were water” Innova
3/25/18    Dolce Suono Trio “American Canvas” Innova
3/25/18    Keaton Simons “123 Go” Self-Released
3/25/18    Cabin Dogs “Mountain Sun” Crippled Hound Records
3/25/18    Adam Robert Thomas “ART” Pumpkinpie Music – SOCAN 
3/25/18    Red Shahan “Culberson County” 7013 Records
3/25/18    Grant Farm & Friends “Meeting on the Mountain-Live Vol. 1” Grant Central Records
3/11/18     Naked Giants – Sluff – New West
3/11/18     Paul Thorn – Don’t Let The Devil Ride – Perpetual Obscurity
3/11/18     Oak Ridge Boys – 17th Avenue Revival – Lightning Rod
3/11/18     Brandi Carlisle – By The Way, I Forgive You – Electric
3/11/18     Mark Huff – Stars For Eyes – Exodus Empire
3/11/18     Gary Paul – American Road – Storm Canyon
3/11/18     Rob McHale – Profits On The Boulevard – Wooden Door
3/11/18     Alan Barnosky – Old Freight – Self-Released
3/11/18     Logan Magness – Memphis on my Mind – Wolf River Records
3/11/18     Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers – Don’t Think About Tomorrow Tonight – Self-Released
3/11/18     Myles Goodwin – Friends of the Blues – Linus Entertainment
3/11/18     Bernard Allison – Let It Go – Ruf Records
3/11/18     John Mayall – Three For The Road – 40 Below
3/11/18     Hillibillidevilli – Eye To Eye, Soul To Soul – Self-Released
3/11/18     The Blues Queen – Lady In Blues – Il Populo Blues
3/11/18    Janiva Magness “Love is an Army” Blue Elan Records
3/11/18     Joan Osborne – Songs of Bob Dylan – Womanly Hyss
3/11/18     Wee Willy Walker – If Nothing Ever Changes – Little Village Foundation
3/11/18     Peter Karp – Blue Flame – Blue Cottage Records
02-25-18     Danielle Nicole “Cry No More” Concord Records
02-25-18     Mike Montrey Band “John Street” Self-Released
02-25-18     Rod Picott “Out Past the Wires” Self-Released
02-25-18     Scott Gray “Raincoats and other stories” 500 Hats
02-25-18     Barrence Whitfield & The Savages “Soul Flowers of Titan” Bloodshot Records
02-25-18     Nick Moss Band feat. Dennis Gruenling “The High Cost of Low Living” Alligator Records
02-25-18     John Arthur Martinez “San Antonio Woman” Self-Released
02-25-18     Sean Chambers “Trouble & Whiskey” American Showplace Music
02-25-18     Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius “Guilty of Innocence” Melodic Revolution Records
02-25-18     Fishplate – Heavy Heart – Community Records
02-25-18     Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle – Time Won’t Wait – Rural Rhythm
02-25-18     6 String Drag “Top of the World” Schoolkids Records
02-25-18     Kyle Hollingsworth “50” Sci-Fidelity Records
02-25-18     Karney “No Mercy”Self-Released
02-25-18     At Face Value “Ivy And Echo” Self-Released
02-25-18     The Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers “Don’t Even Think About Tomorrow Night” Self-Released
02-25-18     Rocket “Get Huge”Self-Released
02-25-18     Joel “Seasons Change” Sweet Spot Entertainment
02-25-18     Beverly Crawford “The Essential Beverly Crawford Vol. 2” JDI Records
02-25-18     Fordham Road “Fordham Road” Self-Released
02-25-18     Kendell Marvel “Lowdown & Lonesome” Self-Released
02-25-18     6 String Drag “High Hat” Schoolkids Records
02-25-18     Songs For Snakes/If It Kills You “Split 7” Self-Released
02-04-18     King Leg “Meet King Leg” Sire Records
02-04-18     Aetopus “Totem Totum”  12 Ton Productions
02-04-18     Bonsai Universe “Moonstream” Self-Released
02-04-18     Wade Bowen “Solid Ground” Bowen Sounds
02-04-18     Ruby Boots “Don’t Talk About It” Bloodshot
02-04-18     Caroline Rose “Loner” New West Records
02-04-18     Jeff Bryant “Sleeping With The Lights On” Self-Titled
02-04-18     Fruition “Watching it all fall apart” Self-Released
02-04-18     Tautologic “RE:Psyche”  Turtle Down Music
02-04-18     Steep Canyon Rangers “Out in the Open” Ramseur Records
02-04-18     Tamuz Nissim “Echo of a Heartbeat” Street of Stars records
02-04-18     Dan Block “Block Party (A St. Louis Connection)”
02-04-18     Sherwin Ewing “Come and Meet Me” Self-Released
02-04-18     John McCutcheon “Ghost Light” Appalseed Productions
02-04-18     The Wood Brothers “One Drop of Truth” Honey Jar Records
02-04-18     Paul Luc “Bad Seed” Self-Released
02-04-18     William Price “Rush Hour” Ablaze Records
02-04-18     The Complaints “Talk To Me” Self-Released
01-17-18     John Oates “Arkansas” Thirty Tigers
01-17-18     Jane Lee Hooker “Spiritus” Ruf Records
01-14-18     VIQUEEN “Spill Your Guts” Self-Released
01-14-18     Kyle Carey “The Art of Forgetting” Riverboat Records
01-14-18     Tommy Emmanuel “Accomplice One” CPG
01-14-18     Umphrey’s  McGee “It’s Not Us” Nothing Too Fancy Music
01-14-18     True North “Open Road, Broken Heart” Self- Released
01-14-18     Tom Beaulieu “Rogue Corgi” Self-Released
01-14-18     Curtis Salgado and Alan Hager “Rough Cut” Alligator Records
01-14-18     Elly Wininger “Little Red Wagon” Rabbit Hole Records
01-14-18     Tinsley Ellis “Winning Hand” Alligator Records
01-14-18     Laila Biali “Laila Biali” Joshua Tree Music
01-14-18     Mary Gauthier “Rifles and Rosary Beads” In the Black Records
01-14-18     The May Day Orchestra “Wake” Rankoutsider  Records
01-14-18     Ben Miller Band “Choke Cherry Tree” New West Records
01-14-18     Crickett  Allen “Southern Heart”  Self-Released
01-14-18     Neil Young + Promise of the Real “The Visitor” Reprise Records
01-14-18     Claude Martin “Old Time Fiddle” Self-Released
01-14-18     Chris Thile “Thanks For Listening” Nonesuch Records
01-14-18     Charles Ponder “Ponder in the Spotlight” Inside Sounds
01-14-18     Eddie Dattel “Another Side of the Sun” Inside Sounds
01-14-18     High Ceiling “Easy” Self-Released
01-14-18     Grayson Capps “Scarlett Roses” Royal Potato Family
01-14-17     Fred Tompkins “Another Place”  Self-Released


01-22-17     Flaming Lips    Oczy Mlody (Warner Bros.)
01-22-17     Thigh Master     Early Times (Bruit Direct Disques)
01-22-17     David Luning    Restless (Blue Rose Music)
01-22-17     Keller Williams     Sync (Self-Released)
01-22-17     The New Up     Tiny Mirrors (Evil Cherise)
01-22-17     Bear The Weather    Rampant (Self-Released)
01-22-17     Port Cities     Port Cities (Turtlemusik)
01-22-17     Neil Young      Peace Trail (Reprise)
01-22-17     Blackie and the Rodeo Kings      Kings and Kings (Self-Released)
01-22-17     The Regrettes     Feel Your Feelings Fool! (Warner Bros.)
01-22-17     Otis Gibbs    Mount Renraw (Self-Released)
01-22-17     Delbert McClinton & Self-Made Men     Prick of the Litter (Hot Shot Records)
01-22-17     Steven Graves     Captain Soul (One Essence)
01-22-17     Josh Hyde     The Call of the Night (Self-Released)
01-22-17     Otherkin   Can You Feel It? EP  (Rubyworks)
01-22-17     Lee Murdock    Loving Light (self-Released)
01-22-17     Japanese Wallpaper     Japanese Wallpaper EP (Zero through Nine)
01-22-17     Ace Da Rapper    Try Me (Self-Released)
01-22-17     Harrison Brome    Fill Your Brains (Nettwerk)
01-22-17     Nikki Lane     Highway Queen (New West Records)
01-22-17     Travis Linville     Up Ahead (Self-Released)
01-22-17     The Oracle    #SUF (EZ Groove Records)
01-22-17     Angie & The Deserters     You (Topanga Canyon Records)
01-22-17     The Show Ponies    How it all Goes Down (Freeman Records)
01-22-17     Truckstop Honeymoon     Big Things and Little Things (Self-Released)
01-22-17     Dead Man Winter     Furnace (GNDWIRE)
01-27-17     Ordinary Elephant      Before I Go (Bean Sown Music)
01-27-17     Micah & Mark Atkinson     Land of Broken Angels (Self-Released)
01-27-17     Linq     Time To Draw The Line – Single (Self-Released)
01-27-17     Thorcraft Cobra     The Distance (Plaza Bowl Records & Tapes)
01-27-17     Peter Buzzelle and the Academy     Devil Love (Self-Released)
01-27-17     Charlie Cunningham     Lines (Self-Released)
02-05-17     Angelica Garcia     Medicine for Birds (Warner Brothers)
02-05-17     Patty Bullet     Quiet Anxiety (Self-Released)
02-05-17     Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau    (Nonesuch Records)
02-05-17     Sallie Ford     Soul Sick (Vanguard Records)
02-05-17     Tom Beaulieu     The Mission (Self-Released)
02-05-17     Rebecca Loebe     Blink (Black Wolf Records)
02-05-17     Donna Lynn Caskey     The Love Still Shows (Cordulia Music)
02-05-17     Annie Moscow     Passing Trains (11 Blocks Records)
02-05-17     Zoe Mulford    Small Brown Birds (Azalea City Recordings)
02-12-17     City in the Clouds     The Contents of Box 212 (Self-Released)
02-12-17     Owel     Dear Me (Equal Vision Records)
02-12-17     Shinyribs     I Got Your Medicine (Self-Released)
02-12-17     Thievery Corporation     The Temple of I and I (INgrooves Records)
02-12-17      Silent Stranger     Silent Stranger EP (Self-Released)
02-12-17      The Right Now     StarLight (Self-Released)
02-12-17      Signals     The Normal Living (Self-Released
02-12-17     Scott H. Biram     The Bad Testament (Bloodshot)
02-12-17     Son Volt     Notes of Blue (Transmit Sound)
02-14-17     Sinners & Saints     On the Other Side (Sidecar Records)
02-14-17     Bombadil     Fences (Ranseur)
02-14-17     Elias Alexander & Bywater Band    Bywater (Fresh Haggis Music)
02-14-17     Lydia Sylvia Martin    Chasing the Ghost (Dryad Records)
02-14-17     All-She-Wrote     Passing it On (Self-Released)
02-14-17     Mark Brown     Skin & Bone (Self-Released)
02-14-17     JD Hutchison    You and the World Outside (Howdy Skies Records)
02-14-17     The Lucky Sisters     So Lucky (Patio Records)
02-14-17     Elaine Mahon     Reach for the Stars (Gatorbone Records)
02-14-17     Ron Sowell     Little Movies (Mountain Soul Records)
02-26-17     Rhiannon Giddens     Freedom Highway (Nonesuch Records)
02-26-17     Ross Feller     X/Winds (Innova)
02-26-17     Akropolis Reed Quintet     The Space Between Us (Innova)
02-26-17     Amanda Abizaid     Walking In Twos (Independent Distribution Collective)
02-26-17     Rodney Crowell     Close Ties (New West Records)
02-26-17     Old 97’s     Graveyard Whistling (ATO Records)
02-26-17     Ruthie Foster     Joy Comes Back (Blue Corn Music)
02-26-17     Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band      Front Porch Sessions (Thirty Tigers)
02-26-17     Ha Ha Tonka     Heart-Shaped Mountain (Bloodshot Records)
02-26-17     The Mystic Shrines     Victims of Nostalgia  (Self-Released)
02-26-17     Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors     Souvenir (Self-Released)
02-28-17     Dick Weissman    Night Sky (Longest Bridge Music)
02-28-17     Jay Som     Everybody Works (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
02-28-17     Tennis     Yours Conditionally (Thirty Tigers)
02-28-17     The Mavericks     Brand New Day (Mondo Mundo Recordings)
02-28-17     E.G. Phillips     Fish From The Sky (Ducks With Pants Music)
02-28-17     Wyatt Easterling     Divining Rod (Phoenix Rising Records)
02-28-17     Rachel Sage     The Tide (MPress Records)
02-28-17     Tim Grimm and the Family Band      A Stranger in this Time (Vault Records)
02-28-17     Ryanhood     Yearbook (Four Miles Music)
02-28-17     Joerg Kaufmann & Johannes Welsch     Now & Zen (Self-Released)
02-28-17     Tamuz Nissim & George Nazos     Liquid Melodies (Self-Released)
03-03-17     Carrie Elkin      The Penny Collection (Self-Released)
03-05-17     Five Alarm Funk      Sweat (Self-Released)
03-05-17     The Bankesters     Nightbird (Self-Released)
03-05-17     Liam Gerner & The Sunset Pushers      S/T (Self-Released)
03-05-17     Ryan Adams     Prisoner (Blue Note/Pax Am Records) 
03-07-17     Midwest Mutts     Youth (Self-Released)
03-07-17     James Talley      Tryin’ Like the Devil (Cimarron Records)
03-12-17     Coco Montoya     Hard Truth (Alligator Records)
03-12-17     Pimps of Joytime     Third Wall Chronicles (Sugar Road Records)
03-12-17     Free Range Chicks     Premier (Self-Released)
03-12-17     Keith Gehle     Space and Time (Self-Released)
03-12-17     Carol Martini     Songs of the Girl on the Swing (Self-Released)
03-12-17     Mariah Parker     Indo Latin Jazz Live in Concert (Ancient Records)
03-19-17     Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm     Begin to Dance (Water Street Dance)
03-19-17     Becca Stevens     Regina (Poly Arts Records)
03-19-17     Andrew Combs     Canyons of my Mind (New West Records)
03-19-17     The Love Dimension     Acceptance (Diamond Heart Music)
03-19-17     Garland Jeffreys     14 Steps to Harlem (Luna Park Records)
03-19-17     The Whiskey Gentry     Dead Ringer (Pitch-a-Tent Records)
03-19-17     Mike Laureanno     Tight Rope (University Studios)
03-19-17     Scott Cook     Further Down The Line (Self-Released)
03-29-17     The Wild Reeds     The World We Built (Dualtone)
03-29-17     Merlin Snider     One Light Many Windows (Self-Released)
03-29-17     The String Cheese Incident    Believe (SCI Fidelity Records)
03-29-17     Taarka     Fading Mystery (Self-Released)
03-29-17     Joe Alterman     Comin’ Home To You (Self-Released)
03-29-17     Blind Lemon Pledge and Friends     Backwoods Glance (Self-Released)
03-29-17     Bap Kennedy     Reckless Heart (At The Helm Records)
03-29-17     PHO     Two (Self-Released)
03-29-17     Chuck Berry     Big Boys-Single (Dualtone)
03-29-17     Alan J. Bound     Deep Space – A retrospective (House Master Records)
03-29-17     Front Country   Other Love Songs (Organic Records)
03-29-17     Dale Watson and Ray Benson     Dale & Ray (Ameripolitan/Home Records)
03-29-17     Jason Eady     Jason Eady (Self-Released)
03-29-17     Romantica     Shadowlands (Last Chance Records)
03-29-17     Sam Outlaw     Tenderheart (Six Shooter Records)
03-29-17     Glitch Code     Gifted_Damaged (Basilica Music)
03-29-17     Tuuletar     Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal (Bafe’s Factory)
03-29-17     Mark Barnwell     Mandala (Axe Calibre Records)
03-29-17     Strat Andriotis     Less Off Patient (Dekatria Records)
04-01-17     The Richard Johnson Trio     Music is Business (Self-Released) 
04-01-17     Clay Bank     Playing Hard to Forget (Rural Rhythm Records)
04-01-17     Matt Urmy     Out of the Ashes (Self-Released)
04-01-17     Dallas Turner     25 Cowboy Classics (Rural Rhythm Records)
04-01-17     Kenny George Band     Borrowed Trouble (Self-Released)
04-01-17     Jenny Johnson     Ballads of Makanda (Self-Released)
04-06-17     LL Goat     LL Goat (Self-Released)
04-06-17     Hurray for the Riff Raff      The Navigator (ATO Records)
04-06-17     Alice Howe     You’ve Been Away So Long (Self-Released)
04-06-17     Bruce Robison & The Back Porch Band (Self-Released)
04-06-17     Jeb Loy Nichols     Country Hustle (Julian Records)
04-06-17     Jocelyn & Chris Arndt     GO (Self-Released) 
04-06-17     Andy Fielman     Sampler (Self-Released)
04-23-17     Ray Davies     Americana (Legacy) 
04-23-17     Crown Larks     Population (Already Dead Tapes)
04-23-17     Willie Nelson     God’s Problem Child (Legacy)
04-23-17     Black Lips     Sgoga (Vice)
04-23-17     Kelven     Kelven II (The Trouble Is Reckrds)
04-23-17     Ghost Against Ghost     Still Love (Our Silent Canvas)
04-23-17     Uptown Jazz Tentet     There It Is (Self-Released)
04-23-17     The GroovaLottas     Ask Yo’ Mama (Liberation Multimedia)
04-23-17     David Childers     Run Skeleton Run (Ramseur Records)
04-23-17     Sarah Shoook & The Disarmers      Sidelong (Bloodshot)
04-23-17     Cory Branan      Adios (Bloodshot)
04-23-17     Colter Wall     Colter Wall (Young Mar’s Records)
04-23-17     Bucky Halker      Joe Hill, a sampling of songs by The Wobbly Bard Revolting Records)
04-23-17     Eric Tollefson      This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things (Self-Released)
04-23-17     Hardened and Tempered      The Trailer Sessions (Self-Released)
04-23-17     dark Dark      Heathered (Self-Released)
04-23-17     The Dustbowl Revival      The Dustbowl Revival (Signature Sounds)
04-23-17     Backup Planet      Reactions (Red Light Management)
04-23-17     Lost in Stars     Lost in Stars (dark Sky Covenant)
04-23-17     Old Crow Medicine Show     50 Years of Blonde on Blonde (Columbia)
04-23-17     Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band     Baby Let’s Take The Long Way Home (Whippoorwill Arts)
04-23-17     Larissa Tandy     The Grip (Thalassophile Records)
04-23-17     Paul Messinger     America 2.0 (Self-Released)
04-23-17     Comedian     Horse (EP) (Self-Released)
05-30-17     Zane Campbell     Ola Wave (Emperor Records)
05-30-17     Justin Townes Earle     Kids in the Street (New West Records)
05-30-17     Phonosonics     Between Two Headphones-7″ (Self-Released)
05-30-17     Chris Stapleton     From A Room:Vol.1 (Mercury Records)
05-30-17     Fred Eaglesmith     Standard (A Major Label Records)
05-30-17     Daniel Romano     Pressure (New West Records)
05-30-17     Tim Crosby & the Lightning Strikes     Resurrection Mule Farm (Self-Released)
05-30-17     Joseph and the Beasts   Gold Light (Self-Released)
05-30-17     Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives     Way Out West (Superlatone Records)
05-30-17      Akiko Tsurga     So Cute, So Bad (AT Records)
05-30-17     Vandoliers     The Native (State Fair Records)
05-30-17     Yoko Miwa Trio     Pathways (Self-Released)
05-30-17     Vox and the Hound     Aloha Shores (Community Records)
05-30-17     Peter Calo     Time Machine (Self-Released)
05-30-17     Keeping     Ruin Value (Community Records)
05-31-17     Lazarus     Rock & Roll Heart (Self-Released)
05-31-17     Echo Park Social Club     Sunset & Alvarado (Self-Released)
05-31-17     Aaron Burdett     Refuge (Organic Records)
05-31-17     Kent McDaniel     He Flies (Kriya Records)
05-31-17     Flow Tribe     BOSS (Self-Released)
05-31-17     Triptides     After Glow (RPUT Records)
05-31-17     Corridor     Supermercado (Michel Records)
05-31-17     Amanda Anne Platt & The HoneyCutters     Self-Titled    (Organic Records)
05-31-17     Dean Gitter and The Ute Mountain Gang     American Songbag 2.0 (Questa Records)
05-31-17     Simon Doom     Babyman (Votiv)
05-31-17     Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit     The Nashville Sound  (Southeastern Records)
05-31-17     Linsey Alexander     Two Cats (Delmark Records)
05-31-17     Harvestman     Music for Megaliths (Neurot Recordings)  
05-31-17     Jon Stickley Trio     Maybe Believe (Self-Released)
05-31-17     Duende Libre     Self-Titled (Self-Released) 
06-11-17     The Rick Ray Band     Killing Time (Neurosis Records)
06-11-17      Big Thief     Capacity (Saddle Creek)
06-11-17      Yonder Mountain String Band     Love. Ain’t Love (Frog Pad Records)
06-11-17      Charles Brown     Explorer of Life (Self-Released)
06-11-17      Dan Stevens     Runnin’ the Backroads (Gatorbone Records)
06-11-17      Sam Baker     Land of Doubt (Self-Released)
06-11-17      Andy T Band     Double Strike (American Showplace Music)
06-11-17      John Mellencamp featuring Carlene Carter      Sad Clowns & Hillbillies (Republic Records)
06-11-17      Ani Di Franco     Binary (Righteous Babe Records)
06-11-17      Rob Melancon     Southern Gothic (Bluelan Records)
06-11-17      Chuck Berry     Chuck (Dualtone)
06-11-17      Tom Chapin     Threads (Sundance Music)
06-11-17      Pascal Bokar     Afro Blue Grazz (Savanna Jazz Records)
06-11-17      Grabbitz     Things Change ( Self-Release)
06-11-17      Brent Cowles     Cold Times (Dine Alone Records)
06-11-17      Various     Red Hot: A Celebration of Sun Records (Americana Music Society)
06-11-17      Palehound     A Place I’ll Always Go (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
06-11-17      Band of Lovers     American Tour (Self-Release)
06-11-17      Alan Leatherman     Her (AJL Records)
06-11-17      Britton Park     Britton Park (Self-release)
06-11-17      John Lee Hooker     Whiskey & Wimmen (Vee Jay)
06-29-17     Society for New Music     Music Here and Now (Innova)
06-29-17     The Crossing     Seven Responses (Innova)
06-29-17     Juri Seo     Mostly Piano (Innova)
06-29-17     Volti     This Is What Happened (Innova)
07-07-17     John Trudell     AKA Grafitti Man (Inside Recordings)
07-07-17     Dan Aurebach     Waiting on a Song (Easy Eye Sound)
07-07-17     Sandy Ross     All My Heroes Sang The Blues (Self-Released)
07-07-17     Whitehorse     Panther in the Dollhouse (Six Shooter Records)
07-07-17     FVRCOATS     Gumballs in the Meritocracy (Johann’s Face Records)
07-07-17     Root Shock     Root Shock (Self-Released)
07-07-17     Glen Campbell     Adios (Universal Music Enterprises)
07-07-17     Jim Lauderdale     London Southern (Sky Crunch Records)
07-07-17     UniversalDice     birth, love, hate, death (Infidels Records)
07-07-17     Jennifer Saran     Wake Up (Tarpan Records)
07-07-17     Terry Anderson     Jimmy’s Arcade (Doublenaught Records)
07-07-17     Jefferson Ross     Live at Hillbilly Haiku (Deep Fried Discs)
07-07-17     Banditos     Visionland (Bloodshot Records)
07-07-17     Greg Schatz     Small Peace of Mind (Hot Spazz Records)
07-07-17     The Cash Box Kings     Royal Mint (Alligator Records)
07-07-17     duquette     trust the night (Self-Released)
07-07-17     Steelism     ism (Intoxicating Sounds)
07-07-17     Stolen Rhodes      Bend With The Wind (Self-Released)
07-07-17     Gov’t Mule      Revolution Come… Revolution Go (Fantasy Records)
07-23-17     Billy Doze     To Whom It May Concern (Rural Rhythm)
07-23-17     Gerald Cannon     Combinations (Woodneck Records)
07-23-17     Mike Younger     Little Folks Like You and Me (Self-Released)
07-23-17     Freddy Hall     Nothing in the Open (Self-Released)
07-23-17     Will Hoge     Anchors (EDL Records)
07-23-17     Jason Wilber     Reaction Time (Wilbertone Records)
07-23-17     Gregory Howe     Gregory Howe (Wide Hive Records)
07-23-17     Tyler Childers     Purgatory (Hickman Holler Records)
07-23-17     Various Artists      Jesus Rocked The Juke Box (Craft Recordings)
07-23-17     Pomegranate     The Night is Never Dark Enough (Drainpipe Records)
07-23-17     Brett Sheroky     Self-Titled (Self-Released)
12-01-17     Chocolate Steele     Real Deal (Self-Released)
12-01-17     Prince Amaho     Wake Up (Self-Released)
12-01-17     Charlie Stamper     Glory To The Meeting House (June Appal)
12-01-17     Peter Parcek     Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven (Lightnin Records)
12-01-17     Gary Rex Tanner     Return to Outlaw Country (Little Frog)
12-01-17     Various     Veterans of Jazz    Airmen of Note (USAF)
12-01-17     Delfeayo Marsalis     Kalamazoo (Troubadour Jass)
12-01-17     Pope    True Talent Champion (Community Records)
12-01-17     Fishplate    Heavy Heart (Community Records)
12-01-17     Luther Allison    You Can’t Always Get What You Want/SINGLE (Ruf Records)

2017     AJ Croce   Just Like Medicine (Seedling Records)
2017     Akiko Tsurga     So Cute, So Bad (AT Records)
2017     Alice Howe     You’ve Been Away So Long (Self-Released)
2017     Amanda Anne Platt & The HoneyCutters     Self-Titled    (Organic Records)
2017     Andy T Band – Double Strike (American Showplace)
2017     Ani Di Franco     Binary (Righteous Babe Records)
2017     Band of Lovers     American Tour (Self-Release)
2017     Banditos     Visionland (Bloodshot Records)
2017     Beth Padgett – At The End of the Day (Ceilidhe’s Music)
2017     Big Thief     Capacity (Saddle Creek)
2017     Billy Burnette – Crazy Like Me (Self-Released)
2017     Blank Range   Marooned With Treasure    (30 Tigers)
2017     Bobby Kyle – It’s My Life (Juicy Baby)
2017     Brandon Whyde – Silver Apples of the Moon (Self-Released)
2017     Brent Cowles     Cold Times (Dine Alone Records)
2017     Bucky Halker      Joe Hill, Songs by The Wobbly Bard Revolting Records)
2017     Bud Summers – The Way (Self-Released)
2017     Chris Stapleton – From A Room Vol. 2 (Mercury)
2017     Christian Lopez – Red Arrow (Blaster)
2017     Clue Bagger – Retro Mod (Guard Bird Records)
2017     Comedian – Horse EP (Self-Released)
2017     Commander Keen   Cowboy Killer   (Self-Released)
2017     Corridor     Supermercado (Michel Records)
2017     Cory Branan      Adios (Bloodshot)
2017     Cosmic Knot – Inner Space ( Self-Released)
2017     Dan Aurebach     Waiting on a Song (Easy Eye Sound)
2017     Dan Stevens     Runnin’ the Backroads (Gatorbone Records)
2017     Dave Keyes – The Healing (Self-Released)
2017     Dave Ramirez   We’re Not Going Anywhere   (30 Tigers)
2017     David Childers     Run Skeleton Run (Ramseur Records)
2017     Deaf Kids – Configuracao Do Lamento (Neurot)
2017     Don Russell – Feel the Echoes (Fingerprint Records)
2017     Don Whitaker & The Shinebenders – Anything You Wanted To (Self-Released)
2017     Duende Libre – Duende Libre (Self-Released)
2017     duquette     trust the night (Self-Released)
2017     EJ Bisiar     Evergreen Trail (Self-Released)
2017     Feller & Hill – Brothers & Heroes (Rural Rhythm)
2017     Flow Tribe     BOSS (Self-Released)
2017     Fred Wickham – Mariosa Delta (Third Day Records)
2017     FVRCOATS     Gumballs in the Meritocracy (Johann’s Face Records)
2017     Gasoline Gypsies – Killing Time (Self-Released)
2017     George Thorogood – Party of One (Rounder Records)
2017     Gill Landry – Love Rides A Dark Horse (ATO)
2017     Glen Campbell     Adios (Universal Music Enterprises)
2017     Gov’t Mule      Revolution Come… Revolution Go (Fantasy Records)
2017     Gregg Allman – Southern Blood (Rounder)
2017     Har Di Har – We Will Will You (Self-Released)
2017     Harvestman     Music for Megaliths (Neurot Recordings)   
2017     Hiss Golden Messenger – Hallelujah Anyhow (Merge)
2017     India Ramey – Snakehandler (Little River)
2017     Jack Tempchin – Peaceful Easy Feeling (Bluelan)
2017     Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit     The Nashville Sound  (Southeastern Records)
2017     Jason Wilbur    Reaction Time   (Self-Released)
2017     JC McPherson – Undivided Heart & Soul (New West)
2017     Jenny Johnson     Ballads of Makanda (Self-Released)
2017     Jeremy Pinnell   Ties of Blood & Affection (Sofaburn)
2017     Jillette Johnson   All I Ever See In You Is Me   (Rounder Records)
2017     Jim Lauderdale     London Southern (Sky Crunch Records)
2017     Jocelyn & Chris Arndt     GO (Self-Released)
2017     Joe Smith & The Spicy Pickles – Gin & Moonlight (Cuttin’ Records)
2017     John Mellencamp, Carlene Carter      Sad Clowns & Hillbillies (Republic Records)
2017     Johnny 2 Fingers    Built To Rock n’ Roll EP   (Self-Released)
2017     Jon Langford – Four Lost Souls (Bloodshot)
2017     Jon Stickley Trio – Maybe Believe (Self-Released)
2017     Joseph and the Beasts   Gold Light (Self-Released)
2017     Kaci & Clayton – The Siren’s Song (New West)
2017     Karen & The Sorrows   The Narrow Place  (Self-Released)
2017     Keeping     Ruin Value (Community Records)
2017     Kelven – 605 Live For Sterling (Self-Released)
2017     Kelven     Kelven II (The Trouble Is Reckrds)
2017     Kris Kristofferson – Life & Songs (Blackbird)
2017     Kristy Love – Legend of Kristy Love (Love Star)
2017     Langhorne Slim – Lost At Last Vol. 1 (Dualtone)
2017     Lazarus     Rock & Roll Heart (Self-Released)
2017     Lazer Lloyd – Freedom’s Child (Lots of Love)
2017     LCD Soundsystem – American Dream (Columbia)
2017     Lee Ann Womack – The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone (ATO)
2017     Lespecial – Cheen (Techne Records)
2017     Lilly Hiatt    Trinity   (New West)
2017     Lydia Loveless – Boy Crazy & Singles (Bloodshot)
2017     Marty Stuart      Way Out West (Superlatone Records)
2017     Mike Gordon – Ogogo (ATO)
2017     Mike Younger – Little Folks Like You And Me (Self-Released)
2017     Mosquitos    Mexican Dust   (Six Degrees)
2017     Night Tree – Night Tree (Self-Released)
2017     Palehound     A Place I’ll Always Go (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
2017     Pascal Bokar     Afro Blue Grazz (Savanna Jazz Records)
2017     Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – Pizazz (Self-Released)
2017     Pimps of Joytime     Third Wall Chronicles (Sugar Road Records)
2017     Primus – The Desaturating Seven (ATO)
2017     Rachel Sage     The Tide (MPress Records
2017     Radney Foster – For You To See The Stars (Devils River)
2017     Ray Davies     Americana (Legacy)
2017     Ray Wylie Hubbard – Tell The Devil… (Thirty Tigers)
2017     Rev Sekoe – In Times Like These (Thirty Tigers)
2017     Rick Berlin & The Nickel & Dime Band – Courage of the Lonely (Self-Released)
2017     Rick Estrin & The Nightcats – Groovin In Greaseland (Alligator)
2017     RL Boyce – Roll & Tumble (Waxploitation)
2017     Rob Melancon     Southern Gothic (Bluelan Records)
2017     Ruston Keely – Halloween (Concord)
2017     Rusty Young   Waitin’ For The Sun   (Bluelan Records)
2017     Sallie Ford     Soul Sick (Vanguard Records)
2017     Sam Baker    Land of Doubt   (Self-Released)
2017     Samantha Fish – Belle of the West (Ruf Records)
2017     Sarah Shook & The Disarmers      Sidelong (Bloodshot)
2017     Scott Cook     Further Down The Line (Self-Released)
2017     Scott Miller – Ladies Auxilliary (Fay Recordings)
2017     Sean McConnell – Undone (Self-Released)
2017     Shawn Murphy – Mighty Gates (Vision Wall)
2017     Shelby Lynne & Alison Moorer – Not Dark Yet (Thirty Tigers)
2017     Steelism     ism (Intoxicating Sounds)
2017     Steve Azar & The Kingsmen – Down At the Liquor Store (Ride)
2017     Steve Earle – So You Wanna Be An Outlaw (Warner Bros)
2017     Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers – The Long Awaited Album (Rounder)
2017     Terry Anderson     Jimmy’s Arcade (Doublenaught Records)
2017     Terry Malts – Lost At The Party (Slumberland Records)
2017     The Cash Box Kings     Royal Mint (Alligator Records)
2017     The Conniption Fits – Misinformed Informant (Parhelion Records)
2017     The Dustbowl Revival      The Dustbowl Revival (Signature Sounds)
2017     The GroovaLottas     Ask Yo’ Mama (Liberation Multimedia)
2017     The Infamous Stringdusters – Undercover Vol. 2 (Lumenhouse Recordings)
2017     The Jerry Douglas Band – What If (Rounder Records)
2017     The Richard Johnson Trio     Music is Business (Self-Released)
2017     The Rick Ray Band – Killing Time (Neurosis)
2017     The Schizophonics – Ooga Booga (Pig Baby)
2017     The Steel Woods – Straw in the Wind (Thirty Tigers)
2017     The Texas Gentlemen – TX Jelly (New West)
2017     The White Buffalo – Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights (Unison Music)
2017     The Winterlings – American Son (Self-Released)
2017     The Wooly Bushmen – Arduino (Pig Baby)
2017     Tim Crosby & the Lightning Strikes     Resurrection Mule Farm (Self-Released)
2017     Tom Beaulieu – Pitbulls in the Sculpture Garden (Self-Released)
2017     Tom Chapin     Threads (Sundance Music)
2017     Trenton P – Blacklist (So. Ill Music Group)
2017     Turnpike Troubadours – A Long Way From Your Heart (Thirty Tigers)
2017     Tyler Childers   Purgatory     (30 Tigers)
2017     UniversalDice     birth, love, hate, death (Infidels Records)
2017     Uptown Jazz Tentet     There It Is (Self-Released)
2017     Vandoliers     The Native (State Fair Records)
2017     Various    Jesus Rocked the Jukebox  (Concorde)
2017     Various     Red Hot: A Celebration of Sun Records (Americana Music Society)
2017     Vox and the Hound     Aloha Shores (Community Records)
2017     Whitehorse     Panther in the Dollhouse (Six Shooter Records)
2017     Whitney Rose – Rule 62 (Thirty Tigers)
2017     Will Hoge – Anchors (Thirty Tigers)
2017     Yoko Miwa Trio     Pathways (Self-Released)
2017     Yonder Mountain String Band     Love. Ain’t Love (Frog Pad Records)
2017     Zane Campbell – Ola Wave (Emperor Records)

01-05-16     Miracle Boy     Happy Convention (Wha’ Tha)
01-05-16     Randy Rogers Band     Nothing Shines Like Neon (Thirty Tigers)
01-05-16     Dylan LeBlanc     Cautionary Tale (Thirty Tigers)
01-05-16      Imperial Highway    Imperial Highway (Self-released)
 01-05-16     Battlefield Band    Scottish and Irish Traditions (Temple Records)
01-05-16     Acoustic Rainbow Radio Sampler (Poetman Records)
01-05-16      Phil Teumim     All Over the Map (Self-released)
01-05-16     Brian Ashley Jones     Out of the City (Self-released)
01-12-16     Tom Beaulieu     Alice’s Garden (Self-released)
01-12-16     Freakwater     Scheherazade (Bloodshot Records)
01-12-16     David Starr     Love and Sabotage (Self-released)
01-12-16     Ggreg Snyder     Vittles for Thought (Guano Records & Sound)
01-12-16     Swamp Cabbage     Jive (Self-released)
01-12-16     David Bowie     Blackstar (Columbia)
01-12-16     Aubrielle Sellers     New City Blues (Thirty Tigers)
01-12-16     The Jason Lee Mckinney Band   Play Something you Believe (Self-released)
01-17-16     Jason Isbell     Something More Than Free (Southeastern Records)
01-17-16     Danny Schmidt     Owls (Live Once Records)
01-17-16     The Bottle Rockets     South Broadway Athletic Club (Bloodshot)
01-17-16     The Cerny Brothers     Sleeping Giant (Krian Music Group)
01-17-16     Gary Douglas    Keepin’ Faith (Self-released)
01-17-16     Jefferson Grizzard     Daydream of Hope (Back Porch Syndicate Records)
01-17-16     Sonya Kitchell     We Come Apart (Rockwood Music Hall/Thirty Tigers)
01-17-16     The Mavericks     Mono (Universal Music)
01-17-16     Steven Cerio     The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow (Wow Cool Records)
01-24-16     Lucinda Williams     The Ghosts of Highway 20 (Thirty Tigers)
01-28-16    For The Sender     Love Letters from Vietnam (Self-released)
01-28-16    Honor Finnegan     Roses and Victory (Self-released)
01-28-16    FREEKBASS & The Bump Assembly     Cincinnati (Ropeadope Records)
01-28-16    The KI      Self-titled (Self-released)
01-28-16    Nessa     Ancient Song Discovery Project Volume 1 (Self-released)
01-28-16    Craig Greenberg     The Grand Loss and Legacy (Self-released)
01-28-16    Bianca De Leon     Love, Guns & Money (Self-released)
01-28-16    Lauren Heintz     Where I Belong (Gatorbone Records)
01-28-16    Tami Neilson     Dynamite! (Outside Music)
01-28-16     Rich Osborn     Freehand (Self-released)
02-02-16     Brent Best     Your Dog, Champ (Dark Records)
02-02-16     Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard    Django & Jimmy (Legacy)
02-02-16     Melody Rose     Melody Rose (Self-Release)
02-02-16     Alice Wallace     Memories, Music & Pride (California Country)
02-02-16     Razteria     Aventurera (Asteria Records)
02-02-16     Dash Rip Rock    Wrongheaded (Drag Snake Records)
02-02-16     Songs For Snakes     Year of the Snake (Timid Crusher)
02-02-16     Be Calm Honcho     Honcho Dreams (Feedabands)
02-02-16     Ava Marie      Kettle Steam (Feedbands)
02-02-16     Benjamin     The Bear & the Owl (Feedbands)
02-02-16     The Fox & the Hounds     Peachy Keen (Self-released)
02-02-16     Dan Baird & Homemade Sin     Get Loud (Self-released)
02-02-16     Sandy Carroll     Last Southern Belle (Catfood Records)
02-02-16     Shaman Juan     Blabbermouth (Mysterious Force Records)
02-09-16     Dudley Taft     Skin & Bones (Taft Enterprises)
02-09-16     Mountain King    (Self-released)
02-09-16     Ontologics     Drones From Home (Self-released)
02- 09-16    Miss Lana Rebel and Kevin Michael Mayfield   The Midtown Island Sessions (FPE)
02-09-16     Chuck Johnson & Charlyhorse   Barb Wire (Little King Records)
02-09-16     Terri Hendrix    Love You Strong (Self-Release)
02-09-16     The Lumineers    Ophelia-Single Only (Dualtone)
02-12-16     The Benedict Dolly Rockers   (Self title/released)
02-12-16     MAW     Bought the Farm (Bluegill Records)
02-12-16     God Don’t Never Change    The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson (Alligator Records)
02-12-16     Jordan Hurwitz     Here I’ll Stand (Self-released)
02-12-16     Bekah Barnett     Rise (Urban Minstrel Records)
02-15-16     Waco Brothers    Going Down in History (Bloodshot Records)
02-15-16      Danny Barnes    Got Myself Together(Ten Years Later) (Eight 30 Records)
02-15-16      Krista Detor    Barely (Tightrope Records)
02-15-16      Solas     All These Years (THL Records)
02-15-16     Amy White     Didn’t We Waltz (Fairewood Studios)
02-15-16     Sarah Borges     Good and Dirty (Dry Lightning Records)
02-15-16     Toronzo Cannon    The  Chicago Way (Alligator Records)
02-26-16     Lance Canales     The Blessing and The Curse (Music Road Records)
02-26-16     Bay Station     Go Out and Make Some (Crooks & Copeland)
02-26-16     Victory & Penny     Electricity (V & P Productions)
02-26-16     Monica Rizzio     Washashore Cowgirl (Self-released)
02-26-16     Robinlee Garber     Resilience (Joygirl Records)
02-26-16     Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes     Welcoming The Flood (BC(2) Music)
02-26-16     Oh Freedom!     Songs of the Civil Rights Movement ( Gin Ridge Music)
02-26-16     Penny & Sparrow     Let a Lover Drown You (Single Lock Records)
02-26-16     RJ Comer     Nightly Suicide (Growling Moon Records)
02-26-16     Ruby Boots     Solitude (Lost Highway Australia)
02-26-16      Mavis Staples     Livin’ On A High Note (Anti/Epitaph Records)
02-26-16     Star & Micey     gEt ‘EM NEXt tiME (Mouse and The Moon Records)
02-26-16     The Astounds     The Astounds (Self-released)
02-26-16     Daniel Crabtree     The Gospel Road (Self-released)
02-26-16     Ronnie Dean Tinsley & The Dark Horse Rodeo    Renegade (Self-released)
02-26-16     Tedeschi Trucks Band    Let Me Get By (Swamp Family Music)
Oliver James     the more you love, the more you live single (Wire & Wood Recordings)
02-26-16      Milos Karadaglic     Blackbird – The Beatles Album (Mercury Classics Records)
02-26-16     The James Hunter Six     Hold On! (Daptone Records)
02-26-16     Bonnie Raitt     Dig in Deep (Red Wing Records)
02-28-16     The Trophy Mules     Sunset Collapse (Self-released)
02-28-16     Parker Millssap     The Very Last Day (Okra Homa Records)
02-28-16     8 Ball Aitken     8 Ball Aitken (Self-Release)
03-03-16     Geoffrey Williams    Yes Is The Answer (Feedbands)
03-03-16     Erez     Proper Lady (Feedbands)
03-03-16     Loretta Lynn     Full Circle (Legacy)
03-03-16     Matt Patershuk     I Was So Fond of You (Black Hen Music)
03-03-16     Goodbye Blue     Worth the Wait (Wondermore Records)
03-03-16     Ameet Kamath     Into the Night (Grant Road Records)
03-03-16     The Grahams     Glory Bound (Three Sirens Music Group)
03-03-16     Sean Watkins     What to Fear (Thirty Tigers)
03-11-16     Dressy Bessy      Kingsized (Yep Roc Records)
03-11-16     Jeff  Buckley     You and I (Columbia)
03-15-16    Amy Speace     That Kind of Girl (Self/Windbone Records)
03-15-16     The Convergers     Hang-Dog Hymns (Drag Snake Records)
03-15-16     Graham Nash     This Path Tonight (Blue Castle Records)
03-15-16     Jocelyn & Chris Arndt     Edges (Self-released)
03-15-16     Robbie Fulks     Upland Stories (Bloodshot Records)
03-15-16     The Satin Cowboy & the Seven Deadly Sins (Self-Release)
03-15-16     Calliope Musicals     Time Owes You Nothing (Self-releasde)
03-15-16     Reverse Order    Nothing to Hide-EP (Self -Release)
03-15-16     Kendra Lou     Songs of the Black Moon (Self-released)
03-15-16     Hayes Carll      Lovers and Leavers (HWY 87 Records)
03-15-16     Elephant Revival     Petals (Itz Evolving Records)
03-15-16     Daemon Chili     Mercy of the Sea (Self-released)
03-15-16     Michael Daves     Orchids and Violence (Nonesuch Records)
03-15-16     Luther Dickinson     Blues & Ballads (New West Records)
03-15-16     Dion     New York is My Home (Instant Records)
03-15-16     The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band  So Delicious (Yazoo records)
03-20-16     Pocket Vinyl   Tin (Telegraph Recording Company)
03-20-16     Pocket Vinyl Death Anxiety (Telegraph Recording Company)
03-20-16     Rob McNurlin   Blue Nashville Guitar (Buffalo Skinner Recordings)
03-20-16     Chris Nauman     Better Angels (Self-released)
03-20-16     Star Wars Headspace    Various Artists (Hollywood Records)
03-24-16     Purple     Bodacious (Pias)
03-24-16     Darcy Malone & The Tangle     Still Life (Self-released)

03-24-16     The Unseen Strangers     Stranger Place
03-24-16     Red Shahan     Men & Coyotes (Magnolia Records)
03-24-16     Curtis Salgado     The Beautiful Lowdown (Alligator Records)
03-28-16     Cellars     Phases (Planetary)
03-28-16     Bur Gur     Have You Lost Your Faith In God? (Planetary)
03-28-16     The Social Orphans     We Are All Social Orphans At Some Point (Self-released)
03-28-16     Greg Merritt Jazz Quartet     New York Sexy (Self-released)
03-29-16     Lori Lieberman     Ready For the Storm (Drive on Records)
03-29-16     Clara Baker     Temporary Things (Self-released)
03-29-16     Les Copeland     To Be in Your Company (Earwig Music)
03-29-16     Scott Cook and the Long Weekends (Groove Revival)
03-29-16     Carl Solomon     Promised Land (Self-released)
03-29-16     Skillet Licorice     Skillet Licorice (Self-released)
04-03-16     Twiddle     Plump (Jamflow Records)
04-03-16    Curious Worlds     The Soundtrack (Edgetone Records)
04-03-16     James Freeman     Echoes of Nature III (Edgetone Records)
04-03-16     Mountain Heart     Blue Skies (Compass Records)
04-03-16     Longboat     Album 7 (AchduliebeZeit!)
04-03-16     Cyndi Lauper     Detour (Sire)
04-03-16      Say Anything     I Don’t Think It Is (Equal Vision)
04-03-16      O’Brother     Endless Light (Triple Crown)
04-03-16      John Basile      Penny Lane (String Time Jazz)
04-03-16      Dr. Lonnie Smith     Evolution (Blue Note Records)
04-03-16      Houston Person     Something Personal (Blue Note Records)
04-03-16     Charles Lloyd and the Marvels     I Long To See You (Blue Note Records)
04-03-16     The Deep Hollow     The Deep Hollow (Self-released)
04-03-16     Meg Braun     Restless Moon (Self-released)
04-11-16     The Body + Full Of Hell     One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache (Neurot Recordings)
04-11-16      Birkwin & Vienna      Dianne (Feedbands-Vinyl Recordings)
04-11-16      Jennifer Saran      Walk With Me (Tarpan Records)
04-11-16      The Heligoats     Back to the Lake (Greyday Records)
04-11-16      David Massey      Until the Day is Done (Self-released)
04-11-16      Sarah Packiam     Again (Self-released)
04-11-16      The Honeycutters     On the Ropes (Organic Records)
04-11-16     Tom Beaulieu     Brother for Brother (Self-released)
04-11-16     The Barefoot Movement      Live in L.A. (Self-released)
04-11-16     Kristen Lynn      LaLa (Self-released)
04-11-16     Rod Melancon      LA 14 (Blue Elan Records)
04-11-16     Roots of Creation     Livin Free (Bombshelter records)
04-12-16     Slobberbone     Bee & Seas: The Best of Slobberbone (New West Records)
04-12-16     John Doe     The Westerner (Cool Rock Records)
04-12-16     DEBO Band        Ere Gobez  ( FPE)
04-12-16     Mighty Quinn     Open & Shut (Self-released)
04-12-16     Mo Kenney     In My Dreams (Self-Released)
04-12-16     Various     FPE Sampler 2016 (FPE Records)
04-17-16      David G. Smith     First Love (Self-released)
04-17-16     The Jayhawks     Paging Mr. Proust (Sham Records)
04-17-16     Vam Damsel     Vam Damsel (Self-released)
04-17-16     Moreland & Arbuckle     Promised Land or Bust (Alligator Records)
04-17-16     Rachel Allyn     Next Year’s Girl (Self-released)
04-17-16     Robert Rolfe Feddersen     My Terri Ann (Self-released)
04-17-16     Secret Arcade     Quarter Century (Babak Govan Creative Company)
04-17-16     Tacocat     Lost Time (Hardly Art)
04-17-16     Kevin Brown     Book of Skies (Turkey King Music)
04-17-16     Ivan and the Parazol      The All Right Nows (Modernial)
04-17-16     Santana      IV (Santana IV Records)
04-17-16     Ludovico Einavdi     Elements (Ponderosa Music & Art)
05-01-16     Tribute album     Desperate Times-Songs of the Old 97’s (Enema Records)
05-01-16     Kelven    Super Hipster Single (Wha’ Tha)
05-01-16     Aaron Einhouse     It Ain’t Pretty (Vision Entertainment)
05-01-16     The Daybreakers    The Daybreakers (Self- released)
05-01-16     Bonnie Bishop     Ain’t Who I was (BB)
05-01-16     Yarn     This is the Year (Red Bush Records)
05-01-16     Ruby Rose Fox     Domestic (Self-release)
05-01-16     Darrell Scott    Couchville Sessions (Full Light Records)
05-01-16     San Felix     Fire Island (Self-released)
05-01-16     In Letter Form     Fracture, Repair, Repeat (Metropolis)
05-01-16     Quaker City Night Hawks     El Astronauta (Lightning Rod Records)
05-01-16     The Mike Eldred Trio     Baptist Town (Great Western Recording)
05-01-16     Jason Wilber     Echoes (Self-released)
05-01-16     Mary Chapin Carpenter     The Thing That We Are Made Of (Lambert Light Records)
05-01-16     Kelley Mcrae    The Wayside (Self-released)
05-01-16     Thee Commons     Loteria Tribal (Burger Records)
05-01-16     Hard Working Americans     Rest in Chaos (Melvin Records)
05-01-16     D-Town Brass     Golden Belt (Self-released)
05-01-16     Imaginary Sons     Don’t Impress Me (Bossy Lil’ Thing Records)
05-01-16     Museum Mouth     Popcorn Fish Guinea Pig (Equal Vision/ Rory Records)
05-01-16     Ben Bedford     The Pilot and the Flying Machine (Waterbug  Records)
05-01-16     Duvchi     With The World (Sony)
05-01-16     Jennifer Greer    Hey Tide (Self-released)
05-01-16     Dave Gunning     Lift (Self-released)
05-03-16     M83     Junk (Mute Records)
05-10-16     Vicky Emerson     Wake me when the wind dies down (Self-released)
05-14-16     Dennis Stroughmatt     One More Time (MME)
05-14-16     Dave Murphy     American Landscape (Phoenix Night)
05-14-16     Michael Johnathon     Song Farmer…  (Poet Man Records)
05-14-16     The Lark and the Loon      Songbirds and Fog (Self-released)
05-14-16     The Fruit Bats     Absolute Loser (Easy Sound)
05-14-16     JuliaWhy?     Wheel (Exxe)
05-14-16     New Found Land      Lore (Fixe)
05-14-16    Tomemitsu      Loaf Eye (Chill Mega Chill)
05-14-16     Robert Ellis     Robert Ellis (New West Records)
05-14-16     Ciaran Lavery      Let Bad In (Believe)
05-14-16      The Misty Mountain String Band     Red Horizon (Self-Released)
05-14-16      Mariya May     Call Me Back If You Can Dig The Music (Ten Dollar Recording Co.)
05-14-16      The So So Glos     Kamikaze (Votiv)
05-14-16      Richard Paul Thomas     Salado (Captured Rainbow Music)
05-14-16      C.W. Stoneking      Gon’ Boogaloo (King Hokum)
05-14-16      Astronauts of Antiquity     Beyond the Maze (AOA Music)
05-21-16      Grady Yates      Saltwater Soul (Self-released)
05-21-16      Pale Dian     Narrow Birth (Manifesto)
05-21-16      Supermoon     Playland (Mint Records)
05-21-16      The Dirty Clergy     Rattlesnake (Self-released)
05-21-16      Bill Evans     Rise Above (Self-released)
05-29-16     Lena Natalia     Rendezvous in Paris (Atelier RLS)
05-29-16      Kevin Hensold     Your an Idiot (Self-released)
05-29-16      Elizabeth Cook     Exodus of Venus (Agent Love)
05-29-16      Matteo Palmer     Embers (Self-released)
05-29-16      Airmen of Note     Jazz Heritage Series 2016 (USAF)
05-29-16      Mary Beth Cross     Feels Like Home (Self-released)
05-29-16      Electronhic     Reaching Out (NHIC Records)
05-29-16      Oleg Kireyev & Keith Javors     The Meeting (Inarhyme Records)
05-29-16      Swivs     Gringo Landfill (Unblinking Ear)
05-29-16      Dylan Menzie     Adolescent Nature (Furrow Creative/Music Prince Edward Island)
05-29-16      Leondro     Leondro (Surf City Artists & Repertoire Inc.)
05-29-16      Audience Killers     Floating Islands (Self-Released)
05-29-16      Altamina     Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight (Self-released)
05-29-16      Sara Watkins     Young In All the Wrong Ways (New West Records)
06-19-16      Spook Handy     Keep the Flame Alive (Akashic Records)
06-19-16      Luke Bell     Self-Titled (Big Hill Records)
06-19-16      Joshua Winstead     MMXX (Royal Cut Records)
06-19-16      The Love Dimension     Freakquency Space Mind Continuum (Self-released)
06-19-16      Ivas John     Good Days a Comin’ (Right Side Up Records)
06-19-16      William Tyler     Modern Country (Merge Records)
06-19-16      Libby Koch     Just Move On (Berkalin Records)
06-19-16     Dolly Shine     Walkabout (Vision Entertainment)
06-19-16     Twin River     Passing Shade (Light Organ Records)
06-19-16     Jeff Turmes     Wreckage (Self-released)
06-19-16     Grant Farm     Kiss the Ground (Grant Central Records)
06-19-16     Greg Humphreys Electric Trio      Lucky Guy (Phrex Records)
06-19-16     Nancy Cassidy     Heart of a Song (Twitter Twatter Music)
06-19-16     Daniel Romano     Mosey (New West Records)
06-19-16     The Maytags     Love Lines (Self-released)
06-19-16     Douglas Blue Feather     Cosmic Visions (Spirit Hawk Records)
06-19-16     Oddity     Settle Down (Self-Released)
06-19-16     Jenny Johnson Band     These are my Neighbors (Self-Released)
06-19-16     Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore     Daughters (Remington Road Records)
06-19-16     The Motet     Totem (Self-released)
06-19-16     Allen Toussaint     American Tunes (Nonesuch Records)
06-19-16     Brian Cullman     The Opposite of Time (Sunnyside Communications)
06-19-16     Meridian Arts Ensemble     Seven Kings (Innova Records)
06-19-16     Eleonore Oppenheim     Home (Innova Records)
06-19-16     Kamran Ince     Passion and Dreams (Innova Records)
06-19-16     Maya Beiser     Tranceclassical (Innova Records)
06-19-16     Jerry Castle     Not So Soft Landing… (My World Records)
06-19-16     Erik Blood     Lost in Slow Motion (Lo Flux Media)
06-19-16     Tegan and Sara     Love You To Death (Vapor/Warner Records)
06-26-16     Kaleo     A/B (Elektra Records)
06-26-16     Miss Sophie Lee and the Suites     Traverse this Universe (Kingmoon Productions)
06-26-16     Earth Heart     Homesick (Self-released)
06-26-16     Blackbeard’s Truck     Three (Self-released)
06-26-16     Matthew Stewart (Self-released)
06-26-16     Micah Scott     Dark Horse (Self-released)
06-26-16    Barry Adamson     Up in the Air – Single (Self-released)
06-26-16     Jay Arner     Jay II (Mint Records)
06-26-16     Signal Ridge     Here Comes the Rain (Self-released)
06-26-16     Sarah Shook & The Disarmers     Sidelong (Self-released)
06-26-16    Sturgill Simpson     A Sailor’s Guide to Earth (Atlantic Records)
06-26-16     Aaron Nathans & Michael G. Ronstadt     Crooked Fiddle (Self-released)
06-26-16     Coty Hogue     Flight (Perpetual Hoedown Music)
06-26-16     Neil Young + Promise of the Real     Earth (Reprise)
06-26-16     Kevin Elliot    Patterns of Blue (Soona Songs, Inc.)
06-26-16     The Regulators    One of These Days (Self-released)
06-26-16     William Bell    This Is Where I Live (Melisma Music)
06-26-16     Jacob Miller &  the Bridge City Crooners    Pacific Ragtime (Self-released)
07-03-16     Blackout Balter     Twist and Bend (Self-released)
07-03-16     Lara Herscovitch     Misfit (La Rama Records)
07-03-16     The Soul of John Black     Early in the Moanin’ (Cadabra Records)
07-03-16     Dan Stevens     Angels in the Sand (Gatorbone Records)
07-03-16    The Dock Ellis Band     Self-Titled (Self-released)
07-24-16      Rising Appalachia     Wider Circles (Self-released)
07-24-16     Ju Drum       Energy (Self-released)
07-24-16     Tahoma     Hideaway (Self-released)
07-24-16     Paul Avgerinos     Amma (Round Sky Music)
07-24-16    Way Down Wanderers     Self-Titled (Self-released)
07-24-16     David Gideon     Southwestern Skies (Gideon Music House)
07-24-16      The Black Market Trust    II (Self-released)
07-24-16     JPNSGRLS     DIVORCE (Light Organ Records) 
07-24-16     Diego     Self-titled (Self-Released)
08-07-16     Steel Cranes     Tango (Mister White Tights Records)
08-07-16     Emma Louise     Supercry (Liberation Records)
08-07-16     Nick Moss Band     From the Root to the Fruit (Blue Bella Records)
08-07-16     Elk City     All the Real Girls (Self-released)
08-07-16     Heaven For Real     Kill Your Memory (Mint)
08-07-16     Baked Potatoes     Loaded (Self-released)
08-07-16     Con Brio     Paradise (Burning House)
08-07-16      Bright Light Bright Light     Choreography (Self Raising Records)
08-07-16      Savant X DMX     Get It Get It (single) (Self-released)
08-07-16      Lisa Redfern      Chickadee (Hurricane Music)
08-07-16      Amy White     Didn’t We Waltz (Fairewood Studios)
08-07-16      Stuart Wyrick     East Tennessee Sunrise (Rural Rhythm Records)
08-07-16      Descendents     Hypercaffium Spazzinate (Epitaph)
08-07-16     The Valery Trails      Chameleon Bones (Buffalo Speedway)
08-07-16     Eric Lambert    A Bow to Bob (Woodpicker Music)
08-07-16     Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle    Aim High (Rural Rhythm Records)
08-07-16     Jet West     Wake Up (Self-released)
08-07-16     The Devil Makes Three    Redemption & Ruin (New West Records)
08-07-16      Lydia Loveless     Real (Bloodshot Records)
08-07-16      Stewart Eastham      Dancers in the Mansion (Self-released)
08-07-16      Guy Pearce     Broken Bones (Vast Image)
08-07-16      Liam Meng      What If (Self-released)
08-07-16      Grape Room     Heart of Gum (Nicey Music)
08-07-16      Kelsey Waldon      I’ve Got A Way (Monkey’s Eyebrow Records)
08-07-16      Arjun      Gravity (Pheromone Records)
08-07-16      New Orleans Suspects      Kaleidoscoped (Louisiana Red Hot Records)
08-08-16     Star Period Star     Dust Storm EP (Audible Cropcircle Records)
08-08-16     Cats of Sherman     Self-titled (Self Released)
08-08-16     The Royal Hounds     Poker All Night Long (Self-Released)
08-08-16     Chris Staples     Golden Age (Barsuk Records)
08-08-16     Logan Kendell     Let the Sun In (Lost Boys Records)
08-08-16     At/All     Sun Dog (Self-Released)
08-08-16     Art d’Ecc0     Day Fevers (Your Face Records)
08-08-16     Steven Chesne     Moments from the Life Stories of Two Strangers (Brahmasong Records)
08-08-16     The Belle Hollows     Miller’s Creek
08-08-16     Erika Kulnys     Rise Up (Self-Released)
08-08-16     Rachel Sage     Choreographic (Mpress Records)
08-08-16     Clozee     Revolution (Feedbands Records)
08-08-16     Scott Dunbar     One-Man Band (Feedbands Records)
08-14-16     Johnny Nicholas     Fresh Air (Self-Released)
08-14-16     Carl Broemel     Fourth of July (Stocks in Asia)
08-14-16     Kiefer Sutherland     Down in a Hole (Ironworks Music)
08-14-16     Chely Wright     I Am The Rain (Painted Red Music Group)
08-14-16     MdotKane     Devastation Trace (Self-Released)
08-20-16    Solomon Cook       Notes Sweet and Low (Raven Records)
08-20-16    Hymn For Her    Drive Til U Die (Self-released)
08-20-16    Like, Listen to    East of the Sun and West of the Moon (Gotta Groove Records)
08-20-16    Whiskey Myers     Mud (Wiggy Thump Records)
08-20-16     Young The Giant     Home of the Strange (Fueled by Ramen)
08-20-16     Robert Miller’s Project    Grand Slam (Cakewalk Records)
08-20-16     Lee Smythe     Of Dreams (Self-released)
08-20-16     Crashing Cairo     In the Forest (Barracuda Joy Music)
08-20-16     Worshipper     Shadow Hymns (Tee Pee Records)
08-20-16     Reconnaissance Fly     Off By One (Self-Released)
08-20-16     Royal and Toulouse     Shake that Reputation (Little Town Sound)
08-20-16     Elise Davis     The Token (Make The Kill Record)
08-20-16     J.L. Fulks     On Down The Road (Self-Released)
08-20-16     The Congress     The Game (Pirates Press Records)
08-20-16     Tobias the Owl     Every Eyes is a Universe (London Tone Music)
08-20-16     Thoughts Define Character     Expression (Black Liberty Records)
08-20-16     The Heptones     Them Can’t Hold We (Black Liberty Records)
08-21-16     Brush it Off Compilation (Black Liberty Records)
08-21-16     Earl Taylor & Jim McCall with the Stoney Mountain Boys   Bluegrass Favorites (Rural Rhythm Records)
08-21-16     Mac Wiseman     Sings Old Time Country Favorites (Rural Rhythm Records)
08-21-16     Red Smiley and The Bluegrass Cut-Ups     (Rural Rhythm Records)
09-03-16    The Reptilian     End Paths (Community Records)
09-03-16    Sharks’ Teeth     It Transfers & Grows (Community Records)
09-03-16     All People     All People (Community Records)
09-03-16     Reckless Serenade      Strange Soul (In Vogue)
09-03-16     Air Traffic Controller     Black Box (Self-Released)
09-03-16     Band Aparte     Memory on Trial (Manifesto)
09-03-16     Paper Bird     Paper Bird (Sons of Thunder Records)
09-03-16     Seth Walker      Gotta Get Back (The Royal Potato Family)
09-03-16     Trio     Trio (Rhino)
09-03-16     V Squared   The Beginning (RSU Records)
09-03-16     Steve ‘N’ Seagulls    Brothers in Farms (Spinefarm Records)
09-03-16     Danae     Direction-EP (Self-Released)
09-03-16     Shovels & Rope    Little Seeds (New West Records)
09-03-16     Overlord    The Well-Tempered Overlord (Storm Tower Records)
09-03-16     Carnival Youth    Propeller (Popup)
09-03-16     Audio Revival      Animals (Self-Released)
09-03-16     Paper Lions     Full Colour (Fountain Pop Records)
09-03-16    Jesse Dayton     The Revealer (Blue Elan Records)
09-03-16     Tami Neilson     Don’t Be Afraid (Outside Music)
09-03-16     Fences    To The Tall Trembling Trees (Votiv)
09-11-16     Boxed In     Melt (Nettwerk)
09-11-16     Chris Stalcup & The Grange     Downhearted Fools (Dirtleg Records)
09-11-16     Blind Pilot     And Then Like Lions (ATO Records)
09-11-16     Dead & Company Live Shows (Self-Released)
09-11-16     Rhythmic Statues      One Big Day (Self Released)
09-11-16     Sunjacket      Mantra (Self-Released)
09-11-16     Animal Eyes     Where we Go (Where We Go)
09-11-16     Scott McMahan    Scott McMahan (Self-Released)
09-11-16     John Prine    For Better, Or Worse (Oh Boy Records)
09-11-16     Teenage Fanclub     Here (Merge Records)
09-11-16     Chapell      The Redhead’s Allegations (Self-Released)
09-11-16     Spiritual Rez      Setting in the West ((Self-Released)
09-20-16    The Mystery Lights     The Mystery Lights (Wick Records)
09-20-16     Michael Johnathon     The Dream (Poet man Records)
09-20-16     Clay Bank     Playing Hard to Forget (Rural Rhythm Records)
09-20-16     Billy Droze     Kentucky Blue-Single (Rural Rhythm Records)
09-20-16     Liz Mandeville     The Stars Motel (Blues Kitty Music)
09-20-16     Bruce Katz Band     Out From The Center (American Showplace Music)
09-20-16     Francis Cheer     Black White and Grey (Self-Released)
09-20-16     Luke Winslow-King     I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always (Bloodshot Records)
09-20-16     Glint     Inverter (Votiv)
09-20-16     The Donkeys      Midnight Palms (Easy Sound Recording Company)
09-20-16     Tarmac Adams     In Place (Oneside Records)
09-20-16     Kaye     Honey (Votiv)
09-20-16     Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds     Skeleton Tree (Bad Seed Ltd.)
09-20-16     Mandy Rowden     1000 Miles (Self-Released)
09-20-16     To No End     Remora (sfi Records)
09-20-16     Jennifer Scott      Le Temps de L’Amour (Self-Released)
09-20-16     Nick Waterhouse     Never Twice (Innovative Leisure)
09-20-16     Urban Acoustic Coalition     The Habit (Self-Released)
09-20-16     Klangstof     Close Eyes To Exit (Warner Bros)
09-20-16     The Furious Seasons      Look West (Stonegarden Records)
09-20-16     Feel Like Going Home-The Songs of Charlie Rich (Memphis International Records)
09-20-16     Brent Cobb     Shine On Rainy Day (Low Country Sound)
09-20-16     Andre Cymone     Black Man In America (Blindtango)
09-20-16     Laik     With Love (Self-Released)
09-20-16     Chain Wallet     Chain Wallet (Jansen Plateproduksjon)
09-25-16      Devendra Banhart     Ape in Pink Marble (Nonesuch)
09-25-16      Brett Newski     Land Air Garage (Self-Released)
09-25-16      Batwings Catwings    Coast to Coast (Broken World Media)
09-27-16      John Bunzow     Counterfeit Salvation (self-release)
09-27-16      Mama’s Black Sheet     Live at the Bevy (self-release)
09-27-16      Drive-By Truckers     American Band (ATO Records)
09-27-16      Sam Evian     Premium (Saddle Creek)
09-27-16      The Ormewoods     Bedroom Sessions (self-release)
09-27-16      Boreal Sons     You & Everyone (self-release)
09-27-16      Survive     RR7349 (Relapse Records)
09-27-16      Delerium     Mythologie (Metropolis)
09-27-16      Gang of Thieves     Born To Be Loud (self-release)
09-27-16      Johnny Fritz     Sweet Creep (ATO Records)
09-27-16      Joshua Breakstone     88 (Capri Records)
09-27-16      Kevin Keller     Intermezzo (Self-Released)
09-27-16      Elephant Stone     Ship of Fools (Burger Records)
09-27-16      The Breath     Carry Your Kin (Real World)
09-27-16      Rob McHale     Tom Dooley And Friends (Wooden Door Records)
09-27-16      Chicago Farmer     Midwest Side Stories (Self-Released)
09-27-16      Paul Sachs     Love Is Love (Self-Released)
09-27-16      Various     Say Yes: A Tribute To Elliot Smith (American Laundromat Records)
09-27-16      Emerson Star     Great Escaper EP (Self-Release)
09-27-16      Regina Spektor     Remember Us to Life (Sire)
09-27-16      Bob Weir     Blue Mountain (TRI Studios)
09-27-16      The Miami Dolphins     Perlite-7″ (FPE)
10-04-16      FiddleRick and the Bourbon Boys      Self-Title (Self-Released)
10-04-16      Lush     Blind Spot-ep (Edamame Records)
10-04-16      Tom Beaulieu      Alice’s Doll House (Self-Released)
10-04-16      Aaron Lee Tasjan      Silver Tears (New West Records)
10-04-16      Ablebody      Adult Contemporaries (Lolipop)
10-04-16      Oliver James      What Have We Learned (Wire & Wood Recordings)
10-04-16      Sean Coray      Encinitas-ep (Self-Released)
10-04-16      Blackberry Smoke     Like an Arrow (3 Legged Records)
10-04-16      Dear Jerry: Celebrating the Music of Jerry Garcia (Rounder/Concord)
10-09-16      The Gift      Love Without Violins – Single (La Folie Records)
10-09-16      Tyler Grant     Earth and Wood (Grant Central Records)
10-09-16      Kan Wakan     Molasses (Murmur)
10-09-16      Kuroma     The Dark Horse Rides Again (Votiv)
10-09-16      The Delta Riggs     Active Galactic (Self-Released)
10-09-16      Oxymorrons      Complex but Basic (Tommy Boy)
10-09-16      The Peep Tempel      Joy (Wing Sing)
10-09-16      Joan as Police Woman and Benjamin Lazar Davis    Let it be You (Reveal Records)
10-09-16      Becky Warren     War Surplus (Self-Released)
10-09-16      The Pack A.D.     Positive Thinking (Cadence)
10-09-16      Coast Modern     Coast Modern (300)
10-09-16      David Crosby      Lighthouse (Ground Up Music/Verve)
10-09-16      Tweed     The Chunky Life (Self-Released)
10-09-16      Longboat     D+ (Achduliebezeit’music)
10-09-16      Frank Bang and the Cook County Kings     The Blues Don’t Care (Blue Hoss Records) 
11-07-16        Nina Diaz     The Beat is Dead (Cosmica Records)
11-07-16        Pretenders     Alone (Liberator Music)
11-07-16        Jay Som     Turn Into (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
11-07-16        Tim Grimm      Woody’s Landlord (Self-Released)
11-07-16        Lawrence Axelrod     The Heart Revived (Innova)
11-07-16        The Glazzies     Kill Me Kindly (Old Flame)
11-07-16         Syts     Syts (Self-Released)
11-07-16        La Femme      Mystere (Disques Pointus)
11-07-16        Woodes     The Thaw (Self-Released)
11-07-16        Blue Rodeo     1000 Arms (TeleSoul Records)
11-07-16        Jamestown Revival     The Education of a Wandering Man (Republic Records)
11-07-16        Insects vs. Robots     Theyllkillyaa (Self-Released)
11-07-16        Sam Roberts Band     Terraform (Paper bag)
11-07-16        Distant Brothers      Upon Our Arrival (Self-Released)
11-07-16        Tiny Dinosaurs     Awake (Self-Released)
11-07-16        Various Artists     France Rocks Vol. 4  (Bureauexport)
11-07-16        Wayne Hancock     Slingin’ Rhythm (Bloodshot Records)
11-07-16        A Love Electric     Psychmonde (Ropeadope Sur Records)
11-07-16        Balsam Range     Mountain Voodoo (Mountain Home Music Company)
11-07-16        Christopher Kull     Inner Reflection (Self-Released)
11-07-16        Eric Clapton      I Still Do (Surfdog Records) 
11-07-16        Jonny Fritz      Sweet Creep (ATO Records)
11-13-16         The Micronaut     Forms (Acker Records)
11-13-16         Summer Underground     More Than A Friend, Less Than A Lover (Self-Released)
11-13-16         Elle Exxe     Love Fueled Hate (Self-Released)
11-13-16         The Winterlings     Poems That Live As People (Self-Released)
11-13-16         Famous     Don’t Change (Headbanger Music Group)
11-13-16         Delfeayo Marsalis & Uptown Jazz Orchestra     Make America Great Again! (Troubador Jass)
11-13-16         Ruby Friedman Orchestra     Gem (Pulchrum Records)
11-13-16         Doug Hammer    Americana (Dreamworld Productions)
11-13-16         Louie Ludwig     I Got Nothing to Say (Zzi Music)
11-13-16         Brian Cullman     New Year’s Eve (Cosmic Trigger)
11-13-16         Mickey Theis      Range Songs (Infinite Gesture Records)
11-13-16         Kestrels     Kestrels (Sonic Unyon Records)
11-13-16         Jordan Hurwitz    Lovesick (Tarpan Records)
11-13-16         Various Artists       Continental Drift (slr)
11-13-16         Terry Malts    Lost at the Party (slr)
11-13-16         Real Numbers     Wordless Wonder (slr)
12-04-16       Gillian Welch     Boots No. 1     (Acony)
12-04-16       Neil Stephen Morris       All Over The World     (Big Hungry Music)
12-04-16       Phil Cohen & Patricia Ford     Threads of Gold (Hard Miles Music)
12-04-16       Bill Steely & Where’s Dave     This Is Love  (Self-Release)
12-04-16       The Evaporators     Ogopogo Punk  (Mint Records)
12-04-16       Whetzel     Beatology (Olin Place)
12-04-16       Postcard From The Badlands     Postcard From The Badlands (Self-Release)
12-04-16       Lefty     Trouble In The Wind (Ceejay)
12-04-16       Indicator Indicator     Edie/Abel (Pipe & Hat/Sugar Gator Records)
12-04-16       The Original Turpentine     Elvis Youth Recruit (Self-Release)
12-04-16       Various     Acoustic Rainbow vol.46 (Poetitlan)
12-04-16       Kacey Musgraves     A Very Kacey Christmas (Mercury)
12-04-16       Gramps The Vamp     The Cave Of 10,000 Eyes (Self-Release)

10-01-15     7 Daze     Black (Freeloader Records)
10-01-15     Telamor     Stoned! (Olex Music)
10-01-15     Ralph Stanley     Self-Titled DMZ/Columbia
10-01-15     Happy Traum      Just for The Love of It (Lark’s Nest Music)
10-01-15     Tom Beaulieu Acoustic     The Laughing Vase (Tom Beaulieu Records)
10-01-15     Linda Perry and Sara Gilbert     Deer Sounds (Custard Media Inc.)
10-01-15     Avery Hill     Dreams and Ghosts : A Family Album (self-released)  
10-01-15     Brooksie Wells     North East Rising Sun (Down Home Diva Records)
10-06-15     Mingo     The Blue Star (Sonarweb Communications)
10-06-15     Les Gruff and the Billy Goat     Selt-titled (self-released)
10-06-15     Dismal Swamp Lords     Self-titled (Bossy Lil’ Thing Records)
10-13-15     Tommy Castro & The Painkillers     Method to My Madness (Alligator Records)
10-13-15      Logical Drift     The Americas Book of Love Vol. 1 (NYCMusic)
10-13-15      Logical Drift     The Law of Light (Interra Music)
10-20-15     The Marcus King Band     Soul Insight (Evil Teen Records)
10-20-15     Steven Graves     Mission Bell (One Essence Music)
10-20-15     Reg Bloor     Theme From An Imaginary Slasher (Systems Neutralizers)
10-20-15     Silversun Pickups     Better Nature (New Machine Recordings)
10-20-15     Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie     The Gospel Side of Bill Emerson (Rural Rhythm Records)
10-27-15     Vo5     Dance Originality (self-released)
10-27-15     Scott Albert Johnson     Going Somewhere (Monkaroo Music)
10-27-15     Sam Outlaw     Angeleno (Six Shooter Records)
10-27-15     Charles Denter     Portraits in Season (Grumpy Monkey Music)
10-27-15     Tony Furtado     The Bell (Yousayfurtado Records)
10-27-15     Blind Dog Smokin’     High Steppin’ (Silver Talon Records)
10-27-15     Cree Rider Family Band     Let the River Rise (self-released)
10-27-15     Hot Jazz Jumpers     The Very Next Thing (On The Bol Records)
10-27-15     Kevin So     Countryside (Wingbone Records)
11-01-15     Langhorne Slim & The Law     The Spirit Moves (Dualtone)
11-01-15     The Twistin’ Tarantulas     The Subtle Sophisticated Sounds Of… (Sol Rac Records)
11-01-15     Josh Maxey     Celebrating Soul (Miles High Records)
11-01-15     Bob Malone     Mojo Deluxe (Delta Moon Records)
11-01-15     Guy Davis     Kokomo Kidd (M.C. Records)
11-01-15     Silo Road      Last Call Love (self-released)
11-01-15     Shinyribs     Okra Candy (Mustard Lid Records)
11-01-15     The Kentucky HeadHunters with Johnnie Johnson     Meet Me in Blues Land (Alligator Records)
11-01-15     Kal David and Lauri Bono     Livin’ the Dream (Crytone Records)
11-01-15     Aetopus     When (12 Ton Productions)
11-01-15     Jamie Lin Wilson     Holidays & Wedding Rings (self-released)
11-01-15     Joe West & The Sinners     Jamie was a Boozer (Baby Black Panda Records)
11-10-15     Kenna Mae     Blue Darlin’ (self-released)
11-10-15     Tammy Jones Robinette & The Drive     Self-titled (Rural Rhythm Records)
11-10-15     Doug Hammer      Christmas Lights (Dreamworld Productions)
11-10-15     Dave Preston     In These Storms… (self-released)
11-10-15     Trudy Lynn     Everything Comes with a Price (Connor Ray Music)
11-10-15     The Bob Lanza Blues Band     From Hero to Zero! (Connor Ray Music)
11-10-15     Mammal Dap     Self-titled (Feedbands)
11-10-15     Sarah Summers     Lovely Little Things (Delta Bound Records)
11-10-15     Midnight Snack   The Times (Feedbands)
11-10-15     Philly Cuzz     My Favorite Doo Wop (Philip Battaglia Music)
11-10-15     Philly Cuzz     On My Way to Cape May Again (Philip Battaglia Music)
11-10-15     The Bob Lanza Blues Band     From Hero to Zero! (Connor Ray Music)
11-22-15     Adrienne Z     Chameleons (LifeBeat Music)
11-22-15     Chris Trapper     Symphonies of Dirt & Dust (11/24/15) (Starlit Records)
11-22-15     Chris Trapper     It’s Christmas Time (12/08/15) (Starlit Records)
11-22-15     The David Ricard Big Band feat. Lucy Woodward     Holiday Swingin’ (12/08/15)(Lesterbeat Records)
11-22-15     Airmen of Note     60 (United States Air Force)
11-22-15     Airmen of Note     Compositions (United States Air Force)
12-01-15     Long Tall Deb     Streets of Mumbai (Vizztone Records)
12-01-15     Frank Viele     Fall Your Way (Horizon Music Group)
12-01-15     John Dennis     Eternity’s Tree (Rainfeather Records)
12-01-15     Red Squirrel Chases     Shakin’ Down the Acorns (Vigortone Records)
12-01-15     Coral Creek     Coral Creek (Coral Creek Music)
12-08-15     The Big Cheese Band     The Christmas Crocodile (The Big Cheese Music)
12-08-15     Steve Howell & The Mighty Men    Friend Like Me (Out of the Past Music)
12-08-15     Andy Cohen    Road Be Kind (Earwig Music)
12-08-15     James McMurtry     Complicated Game (Complicated Game Music)
12-08-15     Drive-By-Truckers     It’s Great To Be Alive (ATO)
12-08-15     Remembrance    Ooh! Baby Don’t Go/There’s a Change in You (Acousti-Pella Records)
12-08-15     Shovels & Rope     Busted Jukebox: Volume 1 (Dualtone)
12-15-15      Roman Grinberg     Muzik (Home Productions)