WDBX is volunteer-driven! Volunteer positions on and off-air are available, and training is provided. When you volunteer with WDBX, you join over 100 enthusiastic, community-minded and active individuals who make our community amazing. Download a volunteer application now, or stop by the station to pick one up!

Special Events
Works to organize major and minor WDBX events throughout the year, such as merchandise tables, spin parties, concerts, and the Summer Street Festival. The Special Events committee works with the Web/Social Media and Street Team to coordinate promotion of these events.

Works with the Music Director and Genre Coordinators to create and maintain the WDBX Station Library. Programming helps fine-tune our station sound, and advises  the station manager about specialty shows.

Helps schedule cleaning, upkeep, and maintenance of the station and equipment—including studio design, and repair. Facilities committee members are also responsible for the overall look of the station, inside and out.

Web/Social Media
This committee works closely with Special Events and the Station Manager to promote general awareness of WDBX online, as well as helping to bring out the crowds for WDBX Live Events! Members will also have input and responsibility for the WDBX website, videos, podcasts, and streaming services. A final important function of this committee is to gather photos, video, and articles about WDBX from the web, for inclusion in WDBX archives. The Web/Social Media committee has input in decisions about online marketing of the station.

Street Team
The Street Team gets flyers, event posters, stickers, print calendars, and more out to businesses and individuals in our region. The Street Team is an important part of every event, and works in coordination with Special Events. The Street Team has input in decisions about outward marketing of the station in physical spaces.